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The ZOO-LOGICA centre with its enthusiastic and specialized team has been dealing professionally with faunal education, creation of zoological exhibitions and parks, naturalistic consulting and the running and management of parks since 1985. Some of its related activities are:

  1. Zoological Direction and Press Agency/Public Relations Direction of the ZooSafari of Fasano (BR) , Italy, since 1993.
  2. Start up consulting for the “Parco Giada” Botanic Gardens and Zoopark, owned by the Municipality of Lagonegro (PZ), Italy.
  3. Technical consulting and planning for the initial operative phase in the creation of the Safari Park of Ravenna, Italy.
  4. Management of the Botanic Gardens and ZooPark of Oria (BR), Italy, located near the sanctuary “San Cosimo alla Macchia”.
  5. Creation and management of Tropical Rooms and Ornithological Centres for private structures and zoos.
  6. Organization and coordination of various scientific research projects carried out with italian and foreign universities and institutes.
  7. Consulting for acquisition of management/ownership and for sale of zooparks and amusement parks.
  8. Consulting for transport and acquisition in breeding loans and/or definitive cessions of zoo animals of rare species through the cooperation with the International Coordinators of the programs ESB/EEP of EAZA (European Associaton Zoos and Aquaria)
  9. Consulting and planning of zoological structures for public authorities and private customers.
  10. Creation of scientific/educational exhibitions (more than 30 carried out) with use of prestigious public and private exhibition centres and with the patronage of local administrations (departments of culture, education, tourism).
  11. Organization of scientific and educational meetings in schools of varying level, aimed at overcoming the prejudices regarding lesser known animals.
  12. Organization of lessons and seminars for zoological authorities and associations.
  13. Collaboration with italian and foreign trade and technical magazines and creation of articles, zoological texts and comments for daily, weekly and monthly publications.
  14. Collaboration with television and radio programs including several participations on Rai, Mediaset, etc., in studios and at the zoos, recorded and live.
  15. Scientific collaboration and consulting with cinema and documentary productions, e.g. in the movie “Cliffhanger” with Sylvester Stallone (1993), the movie “Midnight Sun” by Brando Quilici (2014) and the movie “Quo Vado” with Checco Zalone (2016).