Our centre promotes and implements programmes for the education and sensitization of the public, particularly aimed at students of every age.

This is carried out:

By means of rich and comprehensive signposting indicating all the biological and ethological data of every species in our structures, including information about their biological conditions in the wild and their rearing in captivity, as well as the state of conservation of the species in their original habitat;

By means of the production of literature and pamphlets regarding both the zoological world but also culture/education in general (amongst the latest material is a guide to all the species present in the Zoo Safari of Fasano entitled “Animals … in freedom”, where past, present and future examples of zoos are examined. The “Guide to the Artisan’s Museum” describes workmen’s tools of the past, while the “Guide to the Botanical Track” recounts the Zoo Safari’s autochthon Mediterranean Shrubland and the essences from the fruit-trees in “Grandad’s orchard”. The “Guide to the Botanical Track” was written in collaboration with the University of Basilicata, Potenza, Italy, Department of Biological Defence and Agroforestry Biotechnology);

By means of guided tours of our structures, carried out by experts in the fields of biology and naturalism, who are also available for lessons in the institutes interested in our projects. A series of scientific packages has been designed and regards various themes, and varies according to the age of the students in question; starting from the more basic projects aimed at primary school age children, up to more highly articulated projects aimed at secondary school pupils. There are also specific formats regarding environmental themes which have been developed in the schools themselves with the collaboration of science teachers, and which take place throughout the school year. The guided tours and educational packages are available thanks to the direct collaboration of the partner structure “Panta Rei Puglia” (, producers of educational material.